GitHub Premier League

Scoring the local communities in Spain

Get/review the paper

Presentation by JJ Merelo / @jjmerelo, GeNeura research group and Free Software Office, UGR


Coders need no community

But it's nice to find out who's there

And there means GitHub

How do we find all our fellow hackers?

CoffeeScript + Github API + Scraping to fetch data

We published the ranking

Then everything changed

So what's the score?

Top 20 by population

It's the clásico all over again

But there's also the Europa League

There are some upsets

Granada #1

Not to mention the most beautiful city in the world

Communities work in different ways

And studying them has an impact. What's left:

  • Social networks?
  • Long-term evolution?
  • Country comparisons?



Image credits

  1. #1 by Elena Merelo
  2. Rest by JJ Merelo, except
  3. Cat by PatchAttack
  4. Players by John Cooper
  5. Classic by Jan SOLO
  6. Field by night by Forceusr